Paul Lynde & ME!!!
Me with Paul Lynde!
My favorite T-shirt!
My favorite t-shirt!
Ellen paying tribute to Paul
Ellen Degeneres paying tribute to Paul during her stint as the center square. 

(Photo used with permission of The Harpies Bizarre Bewitched website.)

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I have this book & can say there are MANY never before seen photos of Paul in his personal life.

If you will be in the Huntington, NY area on Saturday, January 18, 2014, I encourage you to attend the book signing. This really is a once in a life time opportunity to chat up close & personal with someone who knew Paul as a very good friend. If you are unable to attend the book signing, you can still order the book at the same link.



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I don't remember when I first saw Paul Lynde.  And I don't remember when I became aware of how funny I thought he was.  My first awareness of being a fan is watching the original Hollywood Squares, only because I wanted to see him. That was over 35 years ago.  He was born on June 13, 1926 & died on January 10, 1982.  Like many others, he left us way too soon.

When I got a part time job, at the mall, after school, I'd try to take my breaks so I could go to the TV department & watch Hollywood Squares, again, only to see Paul Lynde.

It was a source of great distress to my father (for obvious reasons) that his 16 year old daughter was more fanatic about Paul Lynde than she was about Bobby Sherman, Tommy Roe or even the Beatles.  Hollywood Squares.  Dean Martin.  Bewitched. Donny & Marie.  Whatever show he was going to be on, I was glued to the set.   

In 1974, I saw Paul Lynde in person.  He was performing in "No Hard Feelings".  After the performance, I got him to sign the playbill & had someone take a picture of the two of us.  Of course, I still have these items!  Treasures!  I even asked him how Harry (Harry MacAfee, his dog, named for his character in "Bye, Bye Birdie") was doing.  He replied politely (but with distance) "He's back in ____ (I think he said Sunnyvale.)"  So I can truly claim I had a conversation with him.  Albeit a short one.  ;-)

Several years ago, at a class reunion, I reunited with a friend I'd known for 30 years (since I was 10), but had not seen in 15 years.  When I said I wanted to introduce her to my husband,  she said she would love to meet him & that she'd been worried about me since I had been such a Paul Lynde fan.  

I've seen several reports, including the A&E Biography segment on Paul, that indicate in real life, he was a bitter, obnoxious, alcoholic.  It really saddens me to know that someone who could give so much enjoyment to others (even 22 years after his death!), lived such an unhappy life.  I only hope the demons that plagued him in life have allowed him peace, in the after life. 

And so you may ask...why a site devoted to Paul Lynde?  There are two purposes for this site (neither will cure cancer or create or even promote world peace - BUT...maybe provide a few minutes of fun & laughter for SOMEONE.)  First, I want people to remember Paul & how funny he was.  Second, this will be a place for information, photos and clips representing his body of work.  From college to cartoons - much of it will (eventually) be here.  Quite alot of his work has been lost to time, since tapes were reused by studios during the 50's-80's & most people did not have any home recording equipment.  It will be a "blast to the past" for those of us who were fortunate enough to be around when Paul was alive & appearing on many shows each week and will serve as a "virtual museum" for those of you who were too young to remember or were born after his death.  

I used to have an extensive collection of photos (mostly from magazines) but over the course of several moves, had pared it down.  Many/most of these photos were the Daily Mirror/Televison World/ScuzRUs type magazines (that's pretty much all you could get if you were a young teen in the midwest in the 70's!) but did include the occasional TV Guide issue as well as the infamous "People" issue.  All of the "scuzzy" magazines were trashed along the way as I meandered from one coast to the other & grew into adulthood.  They were replaced by press/photo releases, scripts, etc, that I found along the way.  I also used to have several cassette recordings of the original Hollywood Squares but most of them have been lost along the way, as well.  (Click here to hear those that were NOT lost!!!)  Ah, well....if I knew then what I know now, I'd have guarded them as if they were gold.  But ALWAYS with me were...the photo of Paul Lynde and me and the in-person signature.  

Please stay a while & check out the many photos & clips of Paul.  And while you're here, please sign the guestbook by clicking here!